What is the first prayer that the poet makes for his daughter in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

I pray that my daughter will be beautiful, but not so beautiful that she drives others mad—nor herself mad when she looks in the mirror. For those who are made too beautiful think that beauty is something to be pursued for its own sake.

What is Yeats first prayer for his daughter?

In stanza six of ‘A Prayer for My Daughter’, Yeats continues to talk about his hopes and expectations for his daughter. As she grew up, he wants her to be happy and content. He wants her to become “a flourishing hidden tree” and her thoughts like a “linnet” referring to its innocence and cheerfulness.

What prayer does the poet make for his daughter?

He prays that his daughter should have beauty but not vanity. He wants his daughter to have happy and innocent thoughts in her mind. She should scatter her happiness all around. Her soul should flourish like a flourishing tree.

How does the poem A Prayer for My Daughter begin?

The poem begins by describing “storm” which is a “howling”, and his newborn daughter, sleeping “half hid” in her cradle, and protected somewhat from the storm.

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What does the poet wish for his daughter in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

Ans. The poet wishes qualities like courtesy and natural gladness for his daughter so that she can survive with dignity and self-respect in the world of anarchic conditions. He wishes his daughter to flourish like a hidden tree in a forest.

How does the poem A Prayer for My Daughter reveal a father’s concern for his daughter?

Yeats’s “A Prayer for My Daughter” does indeed show the concern of a father for his daughter, but in rather conventional terms. … In an atmosphere of such violent revolutionary flux, he wants his daughter to be part of that solid foundation which he’s come to believe is Ireland’s only true hope.

What does intellectual hatred meaning in Yeats A Prayer for My Daughter?

He does not want her to harbor any form of “intellectual hatred,” which is, he says, “the worst.” By this, he means that he doesn’t want her to feel that, because she is intelligent, she is therefore superior to others. … An intellectual hatred is the worst, So let her think opinions are accursed.

Who is Helen in prayer for my daughter?

Thoughts of beauty no doubt recall to Yeats’ mind Helen of Troy, who was considered the most beautiful woman in the ancient world. She is the “Helen” who opens the fourth stanza. Thinking of Helen’s fate, married to the “fool” Paris, Yeats hopes his daughter will end up with a better choice of husbands.