Quick Answer: What is the theme of church going?

Spirituality. “Church Going” draws a pretty clear line between spirituality and religion. Spirituality is the part of the speaker that keeps drawing him back into churches, even though he doesn’t find anything i…

What is the theme of the poem Church Going by Philip Larkin?

The primary theme of the poem—clear from its title, “Church Going”—is religion. The speaker is not a religious person, and he takes a dismissive, even disdainful, attitude toward religious belief. Clearly, he sees religion as something quickly becoming obsolete—something “going,” as the title says.

What is the significance of the title Church Going?

“Church Going” seems like a very simple and straightforward title, just as the poem itself seems to be simple and straightforward. On the most literal level, it refers to the way that regular “church goers” attend mass every week.

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What is the tone of Church Going?

Form and Meter. Despite the really conversational tone of the speaker, “Church Going” uses very a good deal of iambic pentameter and a regular rhyme scheme. The tone of the speaker is so conversational, in fact, t…

What does the poet question in the poem Church Going?

What is the theme in Philip Larkins’ Church Going? This poem explores the theme of religious faith, questioning the point of Christianity in the modern age and finding that it still has value.

What kind of poem is Church Going?

‘Church Going’ is a medium-length lyrical poem that explores the issue of the church as a spiritual base. It begins ordinarily enough, as do many of Larkin’s poems, then progresses deeper into the subject matter, the narrator questioning why people still need to go to church.

What are the three literary elements in the poem Church Going?

Three notable elements in “Church Going” could be considered to include the rhyme scheme, the careful selection of vocabulary to create word-pictures in the mind of the reader, and the conscious effort to leave the message(s) of the poem open to interpretation by the reader.

Which whom does the speaker of the poem Church Going enter the church?

The Speaker and the Church

He enters the church only once he’s “sure there’s nothing going on”; that is, he doesn’t seem to want to be part of any official religious service or community. He removes his cycle-clips “in awkward reverence,” feeling he ought to show respect but not sure how to do it.

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How much money does the speaker in Church Going donate in church?

After that he comes back to the door and signs the visitor’s book and donates an Irish six pence which has no value in England . Thus all his activities and manners inside the church show that he is a sceptic who has no faith in the church service.

Why does the Speaker take off his cycle-clips inside the church?

The final two lines of this stanza continue in this humorous tone, as the speaker, who isn’t wearing a hat, wants to show his respect by taking off a piece of clothing. So he takes off his “cycle-clips,” which are accessories worn to keep you pants from getting stuck in a bicycle chain.

What does the poet mean by the term special shell in Church Going?

This experience is what is contained in the “special shell” of the church that the speaker mentions. Now, though, Larkin’s speaker gets only a sense of separation in death (as with birth and marriage). Importantly, this separation is also the result of “thoughts of these” things, too.

What kind of a poet is Philip Larkin as is revealed in Church Going?

Though the poem is about churches yet it is not a religious poem, says Philip Larkin. According to him, it is a pure secular poem, in which no specific sect or religion has been criticized; instead, he just talks about the future of churches. He just gives his opinions.