Does God know everyone?

In addition to being omnipotent, God is also omniscient (unlimited knowledge), so he knows everything that pertains to the earth and everyone on it from beginning to end.

Does God know all of us?

God never forgets anything because, from before the beginning of time through all of eternity, He always has known and always will know everything there is to know about everyone and everything. Our God is omniscient.

Does God know who I am?

The good news is, God really does know who you are. He knows each intricate detail of your life, your likes and your dislikes. He even knew you before you were born!

What is it called when God knows everything?

Omniscience is the property of having complete or maximal knowledge. Along with omnipotence and perfect goodness, it is usually taken to be one of the central divine attributes. One source of the attribution of omniscience to God derives from the numerous biblical passages that ascribe vast knowledge to him. St.

Do you think God knows everything?

God knows all things, past, present and future, real and potential, and he knows them all at the same time. He not only knows what was, and what is, he also knows what will be. More than that, he knows everything that could be but is not. … The Bible says that God searches the hearts of men (Romans 8:27).

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Does God know what you’re thinking?

Yes, GOD absolutely knows what we are thinking. Unlike our brain ,GOD by himself posses huge potential to know and understand each being.

Can God see future?

God (assuming you mean the Christian God) isn’t bound by matter or time, and sees everything happening at once, so yes, he can see the future.

Can God hear me cry?

God absolutely responds to the tears of everyone! The trials and tribulations of this world can certainly bring us to tears. In times like these, we can find strength, solace, and comfort by crying out to God in prayer. He is there to ease our sorrows and help us to deal with pain and suffering.

Can God forgive all sins?

In the Book of Matthew (12: 31-32), we read, “Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. … I believe that God can forgive all sins provided the sinner is truly contrite and has repented for his or her offenses.

Can God hear you pray in your head?

Yes. God hears your thoughts as you form the words in your head. This is literally how all the spirits talk to each other, including all the angels and demons.

Does God change his mind?

God is changeless. … In the Old Testament, there are several passages which show God seemingly changing his mind, usually over a judgment he declared on Israel. However, there are some passages in the Old Testament which appear to teach that God does not change his mind at all.

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Is God present everywhere?

God is present everywhere by having immediate knowledge and direct power throughout the universe (with the addition that his presence extends to unoccupied regions of space).

Can God learn?

Originally Answered: Does god learn? No. God is eternal and thus doesn’t change. However some theologian think God can be omniscient and still have accidental knowledge.

Does God know your every move?

God does not monitor our every move ,we have the ability to make our own decisions. He provides advice as to how to benefit our lives . He is known as the happy god and wants the best for us.

Does God really know?

So, yes, God really does know everything. , Bible student from 1962, and ordained in 1974. God has the capability to know everything. However, God’s capabilities do not compel Him to know things, or to do things that He chooses not to know, or to do.

How does God see my heart?

“The Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” However, I feel the Christ calling me also to look beyond my own heart, out into the world, to learn to see other people as God sees them. …